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Pano Shot Mckenzie Pass OR

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7/24/20 10:04 AM

Pano Shot Mckenzie Pass OR

The old pass road is a bike byway route. Sisters, OR to Belnap Springs. We where supposed to go mid June for a bike trip before they open the pass to cars. But VC-19 made that get a re-plan for next year.

Elaine had a personal day yesterday, so I figured we re-con by car. I was in infinite envy passing cyclists on the route from the CRV drivers seat, argh.

But we know now which direction to go for her not to die a quick death climbing.

It was fine for a mid-week day car traffic wise. I'd hate to try it on a weekend though. The Dee Wright observatory a very popular destination. It had a tenable amount of occupants we could navigate around, Mom and kids mostly.

Peaks are Sisters, Mt Washington, Jefferson L/R. Excuse the photo chopping on the right, a Mom walked into my shot... The usual every one thinks the place is only for them, and I waited I thought to not be one of the 'that every one' folks. ;)

State Park web site for those curious. Nearly as nice as Crater lake, very nearly.

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