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Any Gen 2 Prius folks among us?

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 17946
Location: Portland, OR

12/18/19 5:17 PM

Any Gen 2 Prius folks among us?

A friend has donated a Prius for the cause. Cause= my son can get off the night shift as he and roomie are sharing a car. My son gets to use it a night.

So I have been evaluating this 2004 Prius that has been sitting a while since friend got a Bolt to replace it.

So far I learned how not to charge a Prius deep cycle starting battery. Got that holding a charge. The hybrid pack was replaced 90k ago and seems to be acting happy. Although for a free car if/when my son needs a hybrid pack refurb he is ahead of the game.

So my first lesson is what to do when you feel like an idiot and can't get the car to move. How times you gotta push the 'Start' button apparently was too confusing for me. Just sat there with brake light on. Google to the rescue.

Anyway, I will be using it for a few weeks to make sure it is solvent before it heads up to Spokane...

Comment as to use et al welcomed...

We had a Gen 3 rental for 7 weeks in 2012 after a txting 'person' drove into the back of the 15 month old Chevy Equinox. All I really recall was seeing 47-9 MPG for the duration. Maybe I was less of an idiot back them dunno. ;)

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Joined: 12 Jan 2004
Posts: 953
Location: Portland, Maine

12/29/19 5:14 PM

My wife had one

Was a good car - average mileage was right around the 48-52 iirc. Was a good little car just not comfortable for me on longer trips. No particular issues as I remember. Changed the oil once in a while. That was about it.

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