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Gotta love it...

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7/11/19 7:11 PM

Gotta love it...

Met a guy while out on the bike today on a somewhat new recumbent trike. We talked for a bit while taking in a rest at a view point on the river that splits Portland proper. Just south of downtown, yada.

viewpoint is a newer PED/BIKE/Transit bridge. see below,, St Helen's minus top 900+ feet from 1980 eruption in background. The day the only time an American POTUS got killed via pyroclastic flow. Some trivia for the masses...

If I had to guess, I thought he was 75-78 or so. He said he got the bent as balance issues seem to be an occasional issue on his regular bike last year or two. He asked how much I ride, how many miles today, yada.

Asked my age, then said that is about how much he rode 28 years ago, and that his 90th b-day is next week.

I want to be him @ 90...

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