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Anyone watching the FIFA World Cups?
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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 3672
Location: Brooklyn, NY

7/3/19 10:09 AM

How is the offside rule exploited? If you mean by having the defenders move up past the offensive player, the offense is merely forced to be aware of defensive positioning and ensuring that they are not offsides. And the penalty is just loss of possession.

Here, there is almost nothing a defensive player can do other than to get out of the way of a goal kick, and what's the point in that? And the penalty is a penalty kick. That's a lot worse than loss of possession.

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Joined: 04 Mar 2004
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Location: Doylestown, PA

7/3/19 10:54 AM

Dan, I used to think, "I get crap all day from judges and DAs. Why do I need this garbage from coaches and players?" And "appellate review" is often as bad as "video review."

April, the offside trap has been a defensive tactic at least since I began officiating soccer, almost 40 years ago. There is the attendant risk that the officials will miss the offside, and the attacker will go in on the keeper unchallenged. "Exploited"? How about "employed"?

I no longer do club/FIFA rules, only school games, and I'm not calling a handball where the ball plays the hand, not the hand playing the ball, as we say.

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