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Hello (again) from an old timer!
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Joined: 10 Jan 2004
Posts: 1588
Location: SE Pa, USA

11/30/17 5:48 AM

Numb legs? I get that. Flipped my Ducati in 2010, spent 3 months in a rehab hospital, quad for some of that time. Had a great surgeon and result, and have most of my function back. Long rehab, but I'm getting back to where I was.

Still have a couple droptops, but I do wear a hat. Gave up the track cars too, as it was a time/money/fitness drain.

I get the retirement thing. I did the same at your age, after a brief run as a restaurateur failed due to the '08 recession, then my injury made me realize life isn't predictable. Yeah, living on savings requires an adjustment-no more trackdays, less travel, more dining in, but the freedom to ride or do whatever is great. And my days don't seem to have any problem getting filled. I work one day a week and that seems almost too much.

Speaking of old bikes and posters, I dug the Anvil out of storage, it was dinged in a crash after my big accident when I tried to get on before my head was straight, and added another screws to the ones already in my right arm. Good to think of Don, and get back in touch. Posted the bike on facebook and heard from Evan. Small community here but wow, it's loyal. Just wish we could attract some young blood.

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Joined: 13 Jan 2004
Posts: 341
Location: near Baltimore, MD

11/30/17 6:35 AM

Welcome back Wayne. I used to enjoy reading your posts to see what kind of "adventure" you had encountered with your equipment.

I too can understand the retirement urge (I am quasi retired and work about 1 day/week). I knew several friends that didn't even make it to 60 before the Big C took them and I was getting tired of the Gov't regulations and rounds of corporate BS initiatives, so I announced retirement a couple years ago. However, my old boss (who I did like) convinced me to remain available for limited consulting and also review of proposals, so I gave it a try and it works for me.


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Joined: 20 Feb 2004
Posts: 796
Location: North Vancouver

11/30/17 1:41 PM

Welcome back to the forum. I think I was still a lurker during your posting days, but remember your equipment posts.

Speaking of WA posters...anyone know what happened to Kevin Grady?

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 3504
Location: Brooklyn, NY

11/30/17 3:17 PM

Kevin retired a few years ago. I haven't heard anything about him since.

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Joined: 13 Dec 2003
Posts: 6106
Location: Westchester/NYC

11/30/17 5:34 PM

Hmm... who here still hasn’t retired yet? ;)

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Steve B.
Joined: 19 Jan 2004
Posts: 647
Location: Long Island, NY

11/30/17 8:42 PM

Still working at 62. Theater lighting, been at it since ‘75.

Ready to retire, don’t have as much interest in learning the new gear for what is an increasingly and technically complicated business. Few years to go, want to pay of the mortgage first.

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Marc N.
Joined: 12 Jan 2004
Posts: 412
Location: Israel

11/30/17 9:45 PM

Retire...what`s that?
67 and going strong. Granted, Israel is not the United States as far as salaries, cost of living, and economics are concerned. Add to that, living on a kibbutz since 1972, with all the changes it has undergone, retirement is something, that while I can afford to do, it really is in my interest to postpone for a few more years. Fortunately, I enjoy my work, (operate a small water treatment plant that supplies the drinking water for my corner of the world...about 10,000 people ), the hours are convenient, and the perks are good.

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dan emery
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 5787
Location: Maine

12/1/17 5:08 AM

Me too

Like Marc, I'm 67 and still slogging away. I like work and would be bummed if I had to stop.

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Joined: 13 Dec 2003
Posts: 6106
Location: Westchester/NYC

12/1/17 7:11 AM

I like work and would be bummed if I had to stop.

I like my work. But I also want to do many other things that I don’t get to do because of work. Like, travel around the world as Wayne does! Better yet, I would love to see it from my bike/ski/kayak.

My family hints indicates time maybe on my side. So there’s not much urgency to “live life now before it’s too late”. But that also translates to I need to save for many more years of living & “play” expense.

So, I’m undecide if I want to work longer vs go see the world now. If I don’t like my job, that would actually be an easier decision. But as I do like SOME aspect of it, A LOT. So with money being the additional factor, I’ll work for as long as I can find GOOD PAYING work.

(unlike a few of you, I actually found more work that are interesting to me the last 10 years. So if I “retire”, it would be giving up one fun activity to have more time to do another. Only that unlike biking, I can’t easily “pick it back up” once I drop out of my professional career)

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 2392
Location: hillbilly heaven

12/1/17 7:38 AM


I go out most days and tune 1, sometimes 2 pianos. I like working a little but glad I don't have pressure to work more. I can set my own schedule so I'm working on my own terms. No plans to stop.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 3504
Location: Brooklyn, NY

12/1/17 12:36 PM

At 64, but I have a couple of years left in me. Neither of my parents made it to 80, so I have that staring me in the face. But I really enjoy my job. I signed up thinking I would stay for 3 years but it's coming up on 10 this January. Frankly, I have enough resources to retire, but this is just too much fun, running the legal department for a real estate development and investment management company.

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Wayne Lim
Joined: 18 Jan 2004
Posts: 86

12/2/17 4:43 PM

Sparky, I have the lever off and the cable looks good. I've got to go get some solvent and just soak it for a day or so. If I can get this running again, I've got at least some more time to find out if I want to go full bore into some electronic system.

I've also got to find a box to ship my wheel back to Powertap. Say, I still have some Spinergy wheels from a long time ago - wonder if I can find them. I think they're in their original boxes. . .

Greg, wow, that's scary. I bought my Miata those years ago just as a commuter vehicle, but also on the list was a motorcycle and a Vespa. The missus nixed the motorcycle idea and that was probably good for me. Of course, some time a little later, my next door neighbor who commutes on a motorcycle, had an incident where he came off on the freeway during rush hour. They have a young kid. The bike got sold and he's now driving a VW Golf.

I'm just getting used to my retirement. I've suffered worse every year with SAD, and last winter we had the rainiest October through January ever. There was one point where it had rained something like 78 days out of 90. I remember sitting at my desk at work and looking out the window at those few sunny periods and thinking I wished I could at least get that little bit of sun. But now that I don't have to be anywhere at any particular time, I find that when the SAD hits, I just sleep and sleep and sleep. Just last night, I went to sleep at 8:30 p.m. and woke up this morning at 10 a.m., just because I could. I think it's worse rather than better.

But everything else is better. I'm in the gym every day, and we look to have a couple of sunny weeks coming along. The missus and I are already planning a short getaway to do some hiking later this week. That stuff just wasn't possible before. And kind of in my field, it's practically impossible to get into a tech position on a very part-time basis, and doing project management is too much headaches without the clout to hold people's feet to the fire. I think if I ever have to go back to work, I'll need to practice saying "Would you like fries with that?".

Ahh, Kevin Grady. I saw him just out and about once several years ago. We said we'd keep in touch but we were both in a very busy time in our lives and we didn't. I still have that picture of Parkin, Kevin, his brother, and I on that short-seatpost ride all those years ago.

Okay, I got a message saying my 94 year old mother-in-law has already fixed dinner and we are starting mah jong early. Yum!

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Brian Nystrom
Joined: 26 Jan 2004
Posts: 3777
Location: Nashua, NH

12/3/17 6:10 PM

I hit the big Six-O this year

As for retirement, I'll probably have to work until they start shoveling dirt on me. ;-)

Linda and I have done some fun bike trips in Utah, Quebec, Provence and Tuscany. We're in the process of deciding where we want to go next year, but it will probably be somewhere in Europe. While we'd like to go somewhere new, like Switzerland, Spain or Portugal, we enjoyed Italy so much last year that we may just go back again.

When it comes to gear, electronic drivetrains are all the rage, but the latest mechanical systems are outstanding performance-wise, lighter and a lot cheaper. You may not have heard about it, but Rotor has a hydraulic shifting system out that sounds pretty interesting.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 3504
Location: Brooklyn, NY

12/3/17 7:51 PM

I took my 20+ yr old steel Tomassini out for a spin today. It has 9 spd triple Campy Record on it and the shifting was crisp, quick and quiet. I can't imagine any need to update or upgrade.

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