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Looks like Shimano released Di2 XT

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 16463
Location: Portland, OR

1/30/17 12:12 AM

Looks like Shimano released Di2 XT

While I was not looking. ;)

1/2/3 front chainring support too. And option of 11-46 cassette.

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 3203
Location: NorCal

1/31/17 10:53 AM

They've been making a big deal out of this system's shifting algorithm, which shifts more like a rider normally would, as opposed to a "symmetric" shifting sequence using both derailers which follows the same set of ring/cog combinations in both directions.
They call the whole thing (their sprocket tooth counts plus their front/rear shifting algorithm) "Rhythm Step" and have an explanatory video complete with graphs which is fairly pleasant watching).
The beauty of their algorithm to me isn't that it shifts any better or easier but that keeps track of what sprockets that the chain is on, so you'd never have to look down to know that you are on whichever cogs or are at or nearing the end of the stack of cogs. This is perhaps much less of an issue for riders with good hearing and who perhaps aren't riding next to another rider at speed on rough ground.

The downside is that with more than one ring, this bike needs an expensive front derailer, and today's single-ring setups have no use for the Rhythm Step algorithm!
Not to say though that multiple chainrings don't still have merit, I think that they do.

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Brian Nystrom
Joined: 26 Jan 2004
Posts: 4057
Location: Nashua, NH

2/2/17 11:45 AM

Contrary to SRAM's pronouncement...

...front derailleurs are not dead yet.

While the simplicity and potential weight savings of 1x systems are nice, to get a gearing range equivalent to a 2x system, you end up with huge gaps between gears. Even with SRAM's Eagle 1x 12 speed, you're still trying to cover the same range as the 16 or so distinct ratios in a 22-speed system, so the gaps must increase. With a 1x11, it's just that much worse. For me, that's intolerable, especially on the road, though obviously there are lot of people who don't have an issue with it, especially on MTBs and 'cross bikes.

Call me a crazy curmudgeon if you like, but having cassette cogs that are bigger than your largest chainring just seems wrong! ;-)

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 16463
Location: Portland, OR

2/2/17 12:12 PM

I had got a 28/40 XT double for the disc Strong. But opted for the 22/32/44 instead. At the 46 lb lite tour load test crater lake ride the 22 front ring was useful. And no hyper range cassette was in play. So I had decent close ratios with the 12/30 cassette.

I like even closer ratios than that personally.

Even the force 22 single ring crankset Blade has a two speed hub. Not ridden a single ratio bike since. :-)

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