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ATT to T-Mobile heads up

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 16922
Location: Portland, OR

3/4/17 10:51 PM

ATT to T-Mobile heads up

Phones compatible, one phone was bought from ATT [2 yrs ago], and what a pain to get the internet stuff working on that one even after the ATT unlock was done.

I had to jailbreak/root [same thing?] it and do stuff the likes of which those afraid to run REGEDIT on their windows machines would freak out about.

I was very lucky no to fall prey to bad software which I had to DL to do it. Both Android Apps and on the PC for debugging.

If you are on ATT, you should explore T-Mobile. My neighbor hipped me to a special. She and her kids changed from ATT to T-Mobile and saved $90.00 mo.

Ours went down with a 3rd line added to our 2x ATT account. And 10GB more 4G/LTE data. Plus no more 15 per GB up-charge if you go over. T-Mobile just throttles you to 3G.

Data speed considerably better. And there is a newer LTE spec on new phones [LTE Cat6 VS Cat3] that should improve that. We stuck with our Galaxy S4 and LG/G2, our kids S5 added on.

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 3246
Location: NorCal

3/5/17 11:43 PM

There's a tendency for whichever "plan" and provider that you stick with to jack up the costs over time, such that I have had to change providers every couple of years to get seemingly decent rates.

I dread signing on with ATT as one of the very few choices I have for an internet/phone wired plan (where they also typically throw in some ~useless TV service).

Once a person signs up with or even calls ATT for an inquiry on a plan, they seem to take hold of their legal right to call you on the phone 300 times over the next couple of years. They will phone-spam you to death for a loooong time, especially after you bail to one of their competitors.

Verizon is the other big alternative to ATT and T-Mobile around here, giving among the best reception, but I have yet to sign on to a wireless plan at all.

Be real careful about downloading any sort of fix-it app, they might install something that remains invisible for a long time, possibly with the worst sort of consequences! My computer guy even was suspicious of the Ghostery program I downloaded, said the company seemed to have taken on conflicts of interest of late.

Thanks for the review of your T-Mobile experience.

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