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Joined: 16 Jan 2004
Posts: 366
Location: philadelphia

12/31/12 3:51 PM


I'll be in Gainesville Fla for a week beginning 1/16/13 and should have a road bike available. Suggestions? The local club ride info is available for members only on line, as far as I can tell. Will be in the southwestern part of town.

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Dave B
Joined: 10 Jan 2004
Posts: 4511
Location: Pittsburgh, PA

12/31/12 4:32 PM

The Gaineville Cycling club is very active. Their web site does give you access to their ride info and the "info" tab links to a "contact us" page which gives you e-mail access to all of the board members.

My son lives in Gainesville and I have ridden there a lot. There are a fair number of rideable main roads right in town with well designed bike lanes in and around the University. There are also a lot of quiet low traffic roads west of the city toward the towns of Archer and Newberry and north along 59th Ave.

BTW, the road nomenclature in Gainesville is different from most places as the "Avenues" run east and west and the "streets" run north and south. There is a fairly rational grid.

There are a few bike shops in Gainesville but nothing really stands out as most of them cater to the students and faculty looking for utilitarian rides. The best I know of is Gator Cycles on SW Archer Rd.

You can PM me if I can help any further

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Joined: 04 Mar 2004
Posts: 494
Location: Doylestown, PA

1/3/13 12:35 PM

If you come across a young, bearded fellow driving a pedi-cab, tell him his grandfather says hello!

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