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Nick Payne
Joined: 10 Jan 2004
Posts: 2495
Location: Canberra, Australia

1/13/13 2:20 PM


Because of all the fires burning we've had to restrict our rides into the surrounding country. Most days lately have been total fire ban, and a lot of them pretty windy and with a lot of smoke haze. A grass fire can easily outrun a bicycle on a windy day...

A couple of photos from the local media. The first was taken just up the road at Adjungbilly a few days ago, the second shows Siding Spring Observatory yesterday - the big dome is the 150" telescope.

It's a bit eerie that this is exactly the tenth anniversary of the fires we had here in Canberra that destroyed about 500 houses and Mt Stromlo Observatory.

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Evan Marks
Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 1652
Location: NYC

1/13/13 7:41 PM


A friend who lives in the hills above Boulder, CO experiences this on a regular basis, year-round. Frightening.

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Steve B.
Joined: 19 Jan 2004
Posts: 756
Location: Long Island, NY

1/13/13 7:49 PM

Agree with Evan.

They are remarkably frightening when you are close, and that first photo is close.

I was in New Mexico a few years when the fires marched through Los Alamos, as well as many area's of the Nat'l Forest I would bike in. Scary to watch, especially at night, even though I knew it was 20 mile away and across a river !.

I feel for all you Aussies, it's a tough time for everyone, especially the Tasses.

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