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Mike Richards Jeopardy, seriously?

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8/20/21 9:42 AM

Mike Richards Jeopardy, seriously?

Just putting this so it comes up on internet searches.

We DVR [did] and was sure Levar Burton was going to be the next host. But politics and douche-bagery prevailed. We deleted the DVR auto record schedule for Jeopardy.

Never not DVRed Jeopardy in decades of owing DVRs. Like to watch and show ourselves just how stupid we are trying to guess correct questions, yada.

By Emma Gray, MSNBC Opinion Columnist

UPDATE (Aug. 20, 2021, 10:25 a.m. ET): Mike Richards announced Friday he would be stepping down from his gig as "Jeopardy!" host following a series of revelations about his past.

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