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Polar H7 and android

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Joined: 12 Jan 2004
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Location: NC

3/28/18 9:36 PM

Polar H7 and android

Wise Old Guys,

I'm getting back on the bike and looking for an android app for my H7. Want to keep it old school: heart rate, ability to set training zones, audio or visual zone alarms.

I've been able to pair H7 w Polar Beat, but don't see any way to set zones or alarms in Beat. Don't use GPS, data in the cloud, or social media, so want the ability to turn all that stuff off or not have it at all.

App ideas?

Thank you.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
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Location: Portland, OR

3/28/18 9:44 PM

iPbike is probably more than you need, but I think it can show different color on the read out for the zones. I don't recall if it will do alarms for it or not.

You can customize the display to remove what you won't use and save setups. I have 3 setups for different bikes, one PT wheel, one w/DuoTrap, one just HRM/Mapping via GPS for speed etc.

I like that the moving display can have multiple screens you can swipe through you can setup for each profile you save, etc.

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