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Tracking Pixels

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Joined: 19 May 2005
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3/25/18 4:33 PM

Tracking Pixels

Just a heads up, a number of the outdoor and shooting sport forums are getting hit with tracking pixels. The picture tosses a nefarious code in the thread and collects data which is sent to unknown servers. I doubt this site will get hit, it is too small and the sites that are hit tend to lean right which is different from this crowd. I know many of you use other forums so be on the lookout for low post counts that throw in off topic pics.

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Jesus Saves
Joined: 16 Jun 2005
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Location: South of Heaven

3/25/18 5:24 PM

Google "web bug" or "web beacon". That technique was once common for emails used by spammers to see if the email was read/viewed and therefore a legit email. Email programs have wised up and disabled such hidden web requests by default. As for web forum, I think such web bug is more benign as such information collected (ip address and wen browser operating system) cannot be really used to target you or push information onto you like a spam email.

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