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Syntace p6 carbon hiflex report

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 15030
Location: Portland, OR

1/30/17 2:21 PM

Syntace p6 carbon hiflex report

Just went for a 1 mile feely ride.

Observations goes like this:

Madone Kamtail 90mm BB frame, 1-1/2" lower steerer setup [stiff!]. For example, the 2008 Addict HMX, one of the stiffest bikes dejour for a few years possibly, rides 10-15% [arbitrary] fewer calories... er.. I mean more compliant feel with 23s on narrow rims than the Madone with 25s spread out to 27.8. Bitch is stiff.

OK: Madone w ALum. seatpost, 25 Contis spread out to about 28mm. 80/87 lbs aired up. -bordering harsh IMO.

Same with a Works Pave Roubaix Zertz Post, good deal better and noticable, not night and day. With Hutchinson Kevlar Fusion 3 Proteck tires not quite as nice [@90 lbs]. These work best on the steel Reynolds I've found as far as feeling nice.

P6 Hiflex Post @ the 6CM mark [more post out more flex] with the 25mm Fusion 3 Protecks @ 85/90.

Immediate noticeable dampened feel. Street for 2-3 house on my street is really cracked and chucked up FWIW. Ride approaches the ride of the Addict. Now the Addict has the ISP seatmast and rides better than I expected. That has to be pretty stiff VS seatpost, guessing. About same amount of post/mast above the Top Tube as the Madone.

Tried the Spesh Toupe 135 gram saddle, same feel as the Fizik that has been on it as far as road/ride feel. Way more minimalist saddle than all the Fiziks I have.

I wanted to try the Toupe as it has such a low stack I have to raise the saddle/post. More post out, more flex. In fact the stack is like 1" from the top of saddle to rail centers before I sit my fat ass on it. I can't use it with some seatposts as it bottoms on the top clamp when said fat ass is atop.

When this weather get friendlier I want to put this to the 5 hour ride test.

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 3033
Location: NorCal

1/30/17 2:44 PM

If you could come up with a way to just sit on the saddle and measure each post's static deflection, you'd at least have a numerically-quantified flex. Better yet if the saddle's flex were added into the measurement, so you could evaluate "system" total for each setup.

It must be my forward positioning along with my preference for relatively soft saddles (as I lack much in the way of "organic" padding), but I mostly only ever notice different bike's harshness through the handlebars, where choice of tape and the bend radius of the bars also makes a good bit of difference.
As well, my steel bikes seem to absorb the bigger hits exceptionally well, even at my 140# weight.

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Brian Nystrom
Joined: 26 Jan 2004
Posts: 3485
Location: Nashua, NH

1/30/17 4:32 PM

Sparky, it would also really help...

...if you followed the most basic tenet of the Scientific Method and changed only one thing at a time. Pick one bike, one set of wheels, one tire pressure setting, one saddle and change only the seatpost. That would provide a useful comparison. Your posts are entertaining, but trying to keep track of your manic changing of components, settings and bikes just gives me a headache. ;-)

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 15030
Location: Portland, OR

1/30/17 4:59 PM

Except Brian, if I was not unclear. Or I convoluted how I expressed my concepts [as I sometime do].

>The tire differences, which I observed as being harsher prior to the P6 post was less harsh than the tires I observed as being less harsh prior to the P6. Additionally I meant to suggest that the minimalist uber light saddle also denoted a direction to the negative which was still to the positive as noted. It is all subjective anyway.

Like Dave said, some of us have more naturally occurring tissue at the contact points. If eating too much can be considered naturally occurring. ;)

I expected that the degree of difference, or more the direction of difference might be extrapolated.

So if you are looking for a precise experiment to prove or disprove anything, feel free to do it. It feels better, simply put. Perhaps I should have just simply put it that way.

I did not know you were trying to keep track. ;)

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Joined: 11 Jan 2004
Posts: 2317
Location: hillbilly heaven

1/31/17 6:30 PM

So the time cross bike I bought has an integrated seatmast that I ride at the bottom of the adjustment range Before I had a bike with an integrated seatmast I wondered why and what purpose they serve or what problem they solve it. I'm convinced now that they are just stupid.

Fortunately this one can be cut down or off and the stepped clamp will allow the use of a 27.2 seat post. If I keep it I imagine I'll take a hacksaw to it and use the seat post of my choice- hopefully we'll get some lower cost options with some flex in them.

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Joined: 08 Dec 2003
Posts: 15030
Location: Portland, OR

1/31/17 6:41 PM

"I'm convinced now that they are just stupid."

Pointless! Agree.

"hopefully we'll get some lower cost options with some flex in them."

Cheaper... not if they don't have to. ;)

I chose the P6 due to 10 year warranty, no weight limit, and approved for MTN bike use.

I'll update the thread in 10 years and comment if it was worth the $180.00.

I took it for a longer ride with more air in the tires earlier. I aimed at every road blemish and hole/rut I saw. There is no question in my mind it improved the Madone ride/feel and more vibration dampening over the Pave/Zertz Works post.

The first post was a race face Aluminum. I put the 10 year old Pave on POST haste!

BTW, the clamp on the P6 is identical to the Raceface. Minus the TI bolts the P6 supposedly has. It is one of the better clamp designs I have come across IMO.

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